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EEL was founded in 1994, representing the first association in our country to promote the science and the practice of Logistics. Over the past twenty+ years, EEL interacted with over 500 members / supporters, creating one of the most active Scientific Associations in Greece, with clear focus and dedication to assist on Enterprise Business Development and the reinforcement of the Greek Economy. Thanks to EEL, Logistics are now a key sector of paramount importance to the everyday life and the Operations of any modern Business Unit.

EEL constitutes the Scientific, non-profit Organization that promotes the interests and demands of the Logistics Market and represents the Greek logistician at all competent Institutions and Governmental Authorities, contributing significantly to the development of the entire sector.

The purpose of EEL is to promote the role of the Greek Logistician into the center of the Greek Business and the Economy, as well as to transform our country into an essential Logistics and Transportation HUB for the Balkans and the Southeastern European Region.

  • Development & Design of a Complete and Integrated National Strategy for Logistics and Transportation
  • Qualitative improvement of all essential infrastructure:

    • Railway network,
    • Ports,
    • Road networks,
    • Airports,

  • Institutional recognition of the Profession of the Logistician as well as a number of Supply Chain services:

    • Logistics Parks,
    • Formulation and Implementation of a both effective and clear legislative framework,
    • New Urban planning rules,
    • Modernization of road transport Framework,
    • Simplification of procedures regarding licencing,
    • 1st– level University degree of Logistics ( Bachelor of Science, BSc)

  • Being loyal to its purpose, and through its 11-member management council, elected every 2 years, EEL is creating significant networking and relationships, submitting two proposals and ideas and conducting a lot of informative events, has managed to be the voice of the modern Greek logistician.
  • Some of the most important actions of the Association:

    • Master Plan in Logistics and Freight Transport for our country- The only complete and integrated Master Plan that has ever been compiled and registered for Greece, that captures not only the needs, but also the ways to develop our sector and the industry and consequently, the Greek economy. The Master Plan was prepared and edited by EEL and was submitted to all competent bodies and Governmental Authorities in our country.
    • General Secretariat of Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Proposal for the foundation of a special institution for Logistics, aiming the development and the prosperity of the country. o Organization for the Promotion of Greek Logistics (OPEL) – Aiming the extroversion of the Logistics Industry, EEL supports the creation of an organization, staffed by personnel of the market and experts of the science of Logistics, in order to promote our country abroad as a Transit HUB of the Southeast Europe.
    • Panhellenic Logistics Conferences: The major Logistics events within our country, in which significant personalities of the logistics science take part. In the Panhellenic Conferences, the Association invites all the market executives and the friends of Logistics, presenting the new trends of the sector. Within the works of the Congress of our Association, the Government Officials usually announce their decisions and new legislation related to our industry.
    • One Day Workshops covering current, seasonal and practical case-studies of the Logistics sector.
    • Road Shows for the promotion of the Master Plan throughout Greece, for the development of logistics in different Greek districts and provincial areas.
    • Seminars with experts and world-known certified key note speakers.
    • Conducts important research studies on the industry, such as the recent 3d Panhellenic Logistics survey with the subject:: Current status and future trends of the Greek logistics sector

    Moreover, as representative of the Greek Logistics, EEL usually participates in institutions/organizations created by the Governments, such as the Standing Experts Committee of Logistics. All actions of the Association are shown on the national media, through systematic arthrography, interviews and broadcasts.

    Overall, EEL provides Added Value to every professional Logistician in the Greek Industry.

The power of EEL is coming from its members. In this difficult era, characterized by numerous overturns, making coalition to a reliable Scientific Body that receives the trust of a large proportion of the professionals of the Greek market as well as from the Government Authority Bodies, is considered absolutely essential and necessary.

Keeping a subscription in EEL means:

  • networking with executives and enterprises
  • participation in all actions of the sector

By participating in EEL, we manage the coalition of all the professionals of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, with the following aims:

  • the rapid development of the industry,
  • the recognition of the profession of Logistics and
  • the upgrade of the role of the Greek Logistician.

Member of EEL can become any executive of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, who operates within:

  • Logistics and Transport
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • Operations Department of Industrial Companies
  • Service Provider companies
  • 3PL – Third party logistics
  • IT companies, warehouses equipment companies etc.

Member of EEL can also become any company of logistics sector or Supply Chain & Purchasing Departments of all the others companies

One of the most important benefits that the EEL provide its members is the networking in the market of Logistics and the creation of contacts with:

  • other executives and entrepreneurs,
  • the political leadership of the country,
  • representatives of agencies and organizations of the private and public sector,

Hence, we ensure a significant expansion of the industry contacts and the networking within our sector.

  • The members of EEL take part in research studies of the Association, contributing in this way, to the recording of trends of our industry.
  • At the same time, by actively participating in the activities of EEL, the members promote their business or the organization which they represent and take part in promoting all aspects of the Logistics industry.
  • The Association members acquire access to important studies and surveys that record all the changes and trends, not only in the Greek market but also internationally , through the collaboration of EEL with other International organizations
  • Members of EEL contribute to the spreading of the science of Logistics, the promotion of which started through the actions of EEL … and continues.
  • The online magazine, LOGISTICS NEWS, which provides information on all the activities of the Association
  • Free access to the library of the Association, continually enriched with new editions,
  • Special discount policy for members’ participation in National Conferences, Seminars and Workshops organized by the EEL, as well as events of other Associations.

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